La Fortaleza. A space against the oblivion


A space against the oblivion.

Publisher: Tibicena publicaciones
Year of publication: 2022
Subject: Archaeology; History; Lanscape;
Number of pages: 104 


The history of Gran Canaria's indigenous past has been built, for a decade now, on the basis of the material culture recovered and the data compiled by archaeology. The site of La Fortaleza is a paradigmatic case, as it is a site where several archaeological campaigns have been carried out from 2015 to the present day. Constructing history from archaeology allows us to create a discourse that moves away from the monolithic and partial narrative created by europeans in the medieval and modern ages. 

This work is nothing more than an update of the status of Gran Canaria's aboriginal past, using the archaeological record recovered in a settlement complex, La Fortaleza, inhabited for more than a thousand years. As well as rescuing a forgotten past, it stands out for its up-to-date content, exceptionally high quality photographs and recreations, and a careful design that make this book a visual atlas, a small museum exhibition which will became essential in your library.

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